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If you don't know yet what DAFSIM is, you may read this first
You can see here DAFSIM real time Map all the current traffic

Swen has also released a server status web page here Network Status

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Developers :

- Please contact me to learn how to use DafSync and create your own addons (TCAS, Radar, ACARS, PIREPS, Black Box or hardware drivers)
- These addons will work on all the simulators : FS2002 (FS8), FS2004 (FS9), FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, XPlane 9, XPlane 10
- All you need to know is how to open a TCP connection, send and receive data.
- Full support from DAFSIM to the developers.

Be the first one to develop (or adapt an existing) addon on DafWings.           Take-up the challenge !


Stay tuned.


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